Welcome to Platform 9¾!

Friday July 19th - Sunday July 28th | Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Attention young witches and wizards of Mensa! Grab your broomsticks and join us for an enchanting 10-day summer camp in the magical land of the United Kingdom.

Prepare for a spellbinding adventure filled with board games, potions, karaoke, duels, and a grand costume party. This is your chance to mingle with fellow intellectual sorcerers from all corners of the globe.

Fear not the gargantuan crowd of 300 participants, as our venue has a whooping 80 acres of land, and organises many activities such as archery, obstacle courses, or high ropes courses.

For indoor shenanigans and in case we fail to conjure good weather, we also have a bunch of sheltered spaces, including classrooms, sport halls, and fancy "bubble" tents. And if you're still missing something, the location is less than 1.5h away from London, so it's also a perfect opportunity for tourism.

Command your familiars to remind you when the sign up opens on March 3rd, at 20:00 (8pm) UTC or British time.